Ebony Thompson

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Twitter: ebb_09

Instagram: Artbyebonygabrielle

Website: Artbyebonygabrielle.com 

How would you describe your work to someone you just met?

I would describe my work as multifaceted. I personally am a person with many interests, ideas, and several developing talents. I think me being so broadly interested in so many styles, mediums, and practices it can't help but show through my pieces that are also just so different from each other. So because of that, I harshly reject the idea of adopting a niche within my art style because I as a person am very complex with different emotions and styles and just too many complexities overall to be described singularly.

Do you have a certain routine that you follow when creating? 

I have a very short routine I follow when creating. First I clean up my space and put everything where it belongs; I don't even start it with the materials I need for the piece in front of me because the act of reaching for what I need is apart of the art process. Then I put on some music, anything from The Internet to Luke Bryan to Moneybagg Yo, on my loudspeaker and get to work. Other than that I just wing it and see what happens.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence when creating is definitely my emotions. As a cancer, I am very emotionally driven and it really influences how I work whether I like it or not. Another thing that gives me inspiration is my Pinterest page and nature or just being outside.



What boundaries are you currently trying to break for yourself in relations to art? 

Procrastinating! Well procrastinating and anxiety honestly. I think these two things are preventing me from truly developing as an artist, and they're both very much a mental issue. To combat it I just take it day by day and make more of an effort to take care of myself as well as hold myself more accountable.

Do you have any projects that you are excited about?

Yes! I am very excited to eventually finish the Kanye oil painting that I have been working on since the start of the panoramic, and I am also excited to drop these Luxury prints along with my other 1000 ideas waiting to be executed.