Jasmin Renee

Jazzy is an artist based in San Diego, who loves creating oil paintings inspired by nature and people.

You can support Jazzy and her work by checking out her shop and following her social media:

Twitter: Jasminreneeart

Instagram: Jasminreneeart

Website: Jasminreneeart.com

How would you describe your work to someone you just met?

I create oil paintings of things I love including nature, butterflies, aspects of human life and flowers. If something doesn't resonate with me I’m not too interested in painting it. 

Do you have a certain routine that you follow when creating? 

Yes I start with coming up with ideas for what I want to paint. Sometimes I browse through images while listening to music to ideas to flow through. When I figure out what I wanna paint I sketch it then proceed to transfer that sketch to a hardboard panel. Throughout the painting process I always work my way from the middle of the canvas outwards. 

Who or what are your biggest influences?

I love a variety of artists but I’m heavily influenced by things in the natural such as nature and animals, and most importantly, people.

What boundaries are you currently trying to break for yourself in relations to art? 

I try to not pressure myself to work too hard each day, I find when I work at my own natural pace I’m more satisfied with how my work turns out. 

Do you have any projects that you are excited about?

I’m currently working on a Juice Wrld painting, it’s been over 2 months of hard work but I’m extremely happy with how it’s coming out. When I got serious about my art in 2018 I discovered his music, it’s played a big part in my progress overtime so this is a bit of a dedication piece to him.