Nia Curry

Nia Curry is a 19-year old artist based in Anderson, South Carolina. She currently attends Claflin University studying Studio Art. 

You can support Nia and her work by checking out her shop and following her social media:

Twitter: Niacurry20

Instagram/Tik Tok: Victoriawestcreations 



How would you describe your work to someone you just met?

I would describe my work as my outlet as a whole. I haven’t really found a consistent style yet, and I find that I am happiest when I create what I want when I want. I thoroughly enjoy realism, but I am working on breaking the constricting expectations I set for myself.

Do you have a certain routine that you follow when creating? 

When creating I try to set the space the way I need it. If I really need to focus I don’t watch TV shows like I usually do, and I listen to music. I find that having everything I need where I need it makes me more motivated to get to work. When I’ve finished a piece of art, I like to share it with others to reward myself.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are artists that create intellectual and thought-provoking work. Aesthetic is only one aspect of art and I love being able to think about what I view. 

What boundaries are you currently trying to break for yourself in relations to art? 

As mentioned earlier, I am trying to get into other styles and mediums to become more versatile. I can still grow skill in my favorite areas, but I would like to have skill in others as well.

Do you have any projects that you are excited about?

I am in the works of planning a series based on the black experience. I have been struggling with planning and making things cohesive, but I am excited for it.